Different French Bulldog Health Issues

french bulldog health issues

Who can resist the unique and adorable features of Frenchies? This breed of dogs are well-known for their laziness and cuddling cuteness. But even these delightful creatures have human-like health problems like flat face dogs have nose problems. Let us find out the common French bulldog health issues and how we should address them.


Because of genetics giving them their flat-face trademark, French bulldogs, like Shih Tzu and pugs, have a higher risk of developing allergies. And I mean all kinds of allergies on any given weather or season. It can be in the form of food, drug, season, or environmental allergens, but they are highly susceptible to any form of allergies.


If your Frenchie has swollen eyelids, red eyes, and increased discharge in the eyes, it may have developed pinkeye. It may be a result of allergies, or maybe irritation or dry eyes.

Hearing loss

french bulldog health issues

This is a common health issue for French bulldogs. It may be present at birth, or they may develop it as they get older. Some sub-breed of Frenchies carry a gene that affects the health defect, so some breeders would advise people to stay away from French bulldogs of this specific type to avoid deafness of their puppies.

Hip dysplasia

French bulldogs can suffer from a skeletal disorder that forms a problem with the ball-and-socket joints of the hips. Not addressing this problem can lead to pain and arthritis. Vets can allow the dog to undergo physical therapy, weight control and if nothing works, surgery.

Respiratory problems

French bulldogs have common problems with their breathing. They can develop the brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, pinched or narrow nostrils, laryngeal collapse, and elongated soft palate. All these conditions are genetic in nature, and they come with their flat-faced cuteness.

Taking care of our pets is like taking care of our happiness. They give us so much peace and joy, so extending our care and concern to our furry friends is always the right thing to do.

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