About Us

At Red-Dawn Border Collies, we breed dogs to be versatile and talented at every dog sport or farm chore they do. Our border collies are biddable and easy to train while herding. Even novice handlers can have much success training their own Red-Dawn dog to herd and trial on livestock. Many of our border collie puppies go to agility homes, both highly competitive and casual agility competitors. Our dogs are responsive, fast on courses, willing to follow direction and consistent with their training when running an agility course.  Novice handlers who get their first agility dog from us have received many titles and compete at the national level by 2-3 years of age. In obedience training and competition, Red-Dawn border collies are willing to please, quick to problem solve the task at hand and consistent in the obedience show ring. It is very easy to train our border collies to be obedient, whether for the show ring or off leash control in public. Our dogs are brilliant and easy to train, these border collies live to please their owner. Red-Dawn Border Collies have a strong work ethic with drive for retrieving and herding that can not be surpassed.

We have also produced border collies who are fantastic at Dock Diving, Television Acting, Frisbee, Search and Rescue, Animal Assisted Therapy, Handicap Service Dog, Cart/ Sled pulling and Conformation showing. Red-Dawn border collies are best known for their sweet demeanor, affection with people, patience with children and good nature with other dogs.

Screening all breeding border collies and puppies produced for genetic health problems is our focus in the Red-Dawn breeding philosophy. All our dogs have multiple OFA health certifications and only sound dogs from known healthy lines are bred.

Red-Dawn Border Collies produce Ultimate Border Collies.

Red-Dawn Border Collies are located in the Dallas Texas area. We ship puppies worldwide, our dogs can be seen across the USA, Canada, South America & Europe.

C-Horse and Red-Dawn dogs are the same line of all Working bred dogs. The original dogs were imported in the 1990’s from Ireland. All C-Horse dogs are both ABCA and AKC registered. No C-Horse dogs are bred nor shown in conformation. C-Horse is owned by Carol Collins of Troup, Texas. C-Horse produces a couple of litters of outstanding herding dogs each year. Contact Red-Dawn for more information.