My Border Collies are all social and sweet. That is my first concern-sweet. I will not keep a dog with a sour temperament with people OR dogs. All my dogs live as a pack- they either work out their differences or they can’t live here. I also won’t have a dog that doesn’t want to do things my way- just because I said so. I’ve had many BC’s that blew me off and were a bit aloof and stubborn- they were not bred and I don’t have them anymore. A workaholic when I want, and a couch potato when I want, is the only BC that I’ll have. Absolutely no obsessive, out of control, over hyped dogs are in my house- those dogs are bad representations of the breed and I won’t breed anything that is not perfect!! Some of the best Agility, Flyball and Frisbee dog are out-of-control in real life. I won’t compromise. Now, of course all people have different opinions on perfect, but my opinion is that a BC should be easy. That simple. If it is hard to train, hard to live with, hard to control, hard to chill out- it is not a dog worth breeding.