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Tips And Techniques On How To Clean Dog’s Teeth

dental checkupYour dog’s oral health is just as important as yours. Their teeth need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that their health is not compromised. But being the playful beings that they are, you might find it challenging to clean their teeth. Let’s talk about some strategies on how to clean a dog’s teeth. Apart from home cleaning, professional dental cleaning is also necessary.

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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need To Stay Fit And Healthy?

“How much exercise does my dog need?” Is this the question that has been bothering you as a pet owner? Exercising is an essential activity for humans to keep their body healthy. It applies to our pet dogs as well. They need to exercise every day to stay fit and healthy.

Is It Normal To Get Fever After Surgery From A Dog Attack

Is It Normal To Get Fever After Surgery From A Dog Attack?

A dog bite is very harmful, and especially bacteria can transfer from their saliva into your wound. You may be getting a surgery after the dog attack if your doctor sees severe cuts on your face or body parts. Later on, you may experience a slight fever after surgery, which can be normal or not. How can you tell if you need to go to a doctor right away? Take a look at some information about dog attacks and when to go to an emergency room.