Red-Dawn breeds to produce quality Border Collies that can work their whole life with their owner. Key word here is WORK. This is a breed bred to herd, not be a pet. These dogs need work or do a dog sport to keep their minds thinking. Border Collies are work-a-holics more so than any other breed of dog on the planet. They are the smartest breed of dog on earth, therefore taking great care in breeding them to retain all their wonderful traits is important to keep the breed’s integrity. A working dog has to be healthy or he’ll either have a very short career, or worse yet, he ignores the pain and keeps working. Second, these dogs must be stable, affectionate, biddable, non-aggressive to people nor pets, good natured with children and easy to live with. To keep up with the vigor’s of working each day the dog must be structurally correct to avoid injury and unnecessary wear on their body. The dog must be able to herd naturally, NOT chase, this is a thinking dog and must be naturally great at herding livestock. The dog must also be athletic in build to be capable of running for long periods of time without exhaustion, jumping and turning quickly to chase livestock or compete in a dog sport.