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Dog Stung By Bee In Mouth: Is It Dangerous For Doggies?

What to do when your dog is stung by a bee in the mouth or around the face? Does treatment for scarscan help address inflammation from a bee sting? Does your dog need to take some medicines? Usually, a wasp or bee sting will cause some minor pain and irritation. This effect may not require any vet treatment. However, sometimes, a bite from a bee can be dangerous for your dog. Hence, it is better to teach your dog to leave wasps and bees alone. Keep reading to learn how to remove a bee sting and when an insect bite is a serious call for your dog.

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What Do Unhealthy Dog Teeth Look Like? (7 Common Signs)

Unhealthy dog teeth usually happen because of poor oral hygiene. In fact, this poor practice can lead to periodontal disease, a condition that causes tooth loss. The good thing is that regular dental checkups can help prevent this issue and keep your dog’s mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. So how will you know if your dog’s teeth are unhealthy? Find out in this article the common signs and symptoms of oral health problems in the dog, including some tips to prevent dog dental diseases.

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Do Dogs Lose Teeth? (Puppies Teeth Development)

Do dogs lose teeth? Similar to human babies, newborn dogs are born toothless. They also undergo the teething process, and these baby teeth will also get lost, and adult teeth will arrive. Once your dog has a set of permanent teeth, taking care of them is essential to keep them healthy and strong. So, if your dog loses their teeth, they can also get dentures like people’s dental treatment option. Keep reading to learn about dog’s teeth development and the common reasons for them to lose their pearly whites.

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Pet Care: What Causes Dog Teeth Chattering?

dog teeth chattering checkupAs a fur parent, you always try to make everything in your house pet-friendly. But what if your dogs suddenly chatter their teeth? Dog teeth chattering can be alarming and worrisome for many pet owners. But before you panic, it’s important to note that there are several reasons for teeth chattering. Some are due to emotional stress, and others may be a sign of serious diseases.