Border Collie Lifespan

border collie lifespan

Border collies are dogs with a long history and throughout time. They were used mostly as working dogs. Things are a bit different nowadays and they’re considered to be one of the most desirable furry family members. There are a few different things people who are considering having these dogs in their life have to think about health issues being top on the list.    

Similar to every other breed, this breed has some special health issues as well. Although borders are considered to be mostly vital, there are some medical problems that can shorten border collie lifespan. Medical problems such as hip dysplasia, eye anomaly, idiopathic epilepsy, lens luxation can shorten their lifespan. These are problems that can be in bond with genetic but also can be developed through life.     

These previously mentioned problems can affect collies average lifespan that is around 12 years with an average range from 12 to 14 years. With good health, they can even live up to 17 years. Most of the collies die at the old age due to the cancer problems which is also leading cause of death with 23% of collies that died that way.    

Luckily, there are lots of different things collies owners can do to extend the life of their dog.   First of all, they should manage their diet and avoid pet foods that can be bought in different stores and supermarkets. That food is full of different additives that can lead to several health problems, one of which may be cancer. The food you should be providing should be rich with proteins and omega fatty acids. If you’re not sure which food to buy, you can always provide naturally cooked food in agreement with your veterinarian.     

border collie lifespan

Regular exercise is a very important factor in extending the quality of the collies’ lifespan. These dogs were used as working dogs once in history due to their high energy and that energy should be used even now when they’re pets. If these dogs are not well exercised, they can become very frustrated and depressed which not only affect their lifespan but also the quality of their life.     

Having a border collie in your life can be very interesting but it also requires a lot of attention in order to provide the best life this dog could have. When these dogs have a quality life, they can also have their lives prolonged.

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