Your Cat Lost A Tooth: What Should You Do To Prevent Tooth Loss?

drawing teeth because cat lost a tooth

What should we do if a cat loses a tooth? With humans, getting a tooth check-up is essential for excellent oral health. For humans, missing teeth is no longer an issue due to dental implant replacement solutions. You can get high-quality services when you visit

But then again, it also goes differently for our pets. That’s why our pets likewise need to undergo regular dental check-ups to prevent them from having oral problems and live longer lives.

Cat lost a tooth

checking for cat's tooth lossWhen a cat lost a tooth, it is either because they have periodontal disease or tooth resorption. In actuality, most of the veterinarian’s concern among their patients fall under dental issues. Cats have their mouths typically closed. You’ll only get a glimpse of their dental details when they yawn.

For this reason, it would be best to maintain regular visits to your veterinarian. This way, your cat can have its teeth checked. Aside from that, you can prevent the risk of periodontal disease or, worse, encounter permanent tooth loss.


Causes why cat can lose a tooth

Meanwhile, aside from the two oral conditions we mentioned earlier, the other causes why your cat can lose their teeth include the following.

  • Physical injury
  • Old age
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Gum infection and inflammation

As much as we take care of our teeth, we have to do the same with our cats as well. As much as possible, we don’t want to see our pets suffer from any dental issue.


Signs of cat’s oral issues

Your cat can be experiencing oral distress if you have seen any of these signs in them.

  • Foul, sour breath
  • Excessive licking of itself
  • Heavy drooling
  • Inability to close its mouth
  • Eat less or not eating at all
  • Red, bleeding gums
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Mouth lesions

Your cat’s teeth need dental care as well. Unlike a human’s teeth, a neglected cat’s tooth can lead to permanent extraction. Human teeth can undergo dental restorations, but none of these will work for feline teeth.


Preventing tooth loss

If you want to keep your cat’s oral health in excellent condition, you must observe preventive dental care just like you do yourself.

  • First and foremost, it would be best to maintain regular annual professional cleanings for your cat.
  • Secondly, be mindful of the food you’ll give your cat. It is better to provide it with dry cat food.
  • Additionally, you can also brush your cat’s teeth. However, you have to consult your veterinarian about which brands should you use.

The veterinarians are your best support when it comes to providing care for your pets. They will surely guide you throughout the process of preventive dental care. Furthermore, they are the only persons who can give answers to your numerous concerns about your pet’s health.



In the final analysis, when a cat lost a tooth, it is only the result of the absence of proper oral hygiene for your cat. Your cat is not capable of doing oral hygiene on its own. You have to take responsibility for it if you genuinely care for your pets.

Regularly taking them to the veterinarian is the best thing you can do to maintain their good health in general. The veterinarian will fully understand your pet’s overall health condition. In effect, they can know if your pet needs more than just a regular check-up.

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