When Is It Appropriate To Use A Dog Mouth Guard?

The dog wears a muzzle.

A dog mouth guard is also referred to as a dog muzzle. The idea of a mouth guard in the dog can be unsettling, especially when you see a dog wearing it. But why do the dogs wear dog muzzles? In fact, there are many different reasons for a dog to wear a muzzle. One of these is when having good oral health or a grooming session. This is to provide protection to a vet to have smooth pet services. Keep reading to understand when is the right moment to put a muzzle on your dog, including the different types of dog muzzles you can use.


Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles have a biased identification with “attack” dogs or “aggressive” dogs. However, most canine professionals concur that there might be a circumstance when an individual needs to utilize a dog mouth guard at some point in each dog’s lifetime. It can be for the safety of a person, the protection of the dog, or both.


Different Types of Muzzles

Most of the best dog muzzles are available in two different types. Make sure you get the correct fit and style to ensure it is safe and effective to use. However, it is also possible to make a homemadeDog Mouth Guard muzzle in times of emergency if there is no other option.


Basket Muzzle

This type of dog mouth guard looks like they sound, a basket tied to your dog’s nose and mouth. Basket muzzles are available in wire, leather, plastic, or even rubber. Their prison bars appearance might resemble the least humane decision, yet the opposite is true. As a matter of fact, many dogs appear to be more comfortable in basket muzzles compared to soft muzzles. This is because most styles permit dogs to open their mouths to drink, eat, and pant.


Soft Muzzle

Soft muzzles typically come from fabric such as mesh or nylon, or at times, leather. In fact, they are commonly used for short snout dogs or flat-faced dogs like french bulldogs. They wrap around your dog’s mouth and hold it shut. The design of soft muzzles is less comfortable for your dog and potentially more dangerous.

This type of muzzle prevents your dog from panting, which is the primary way to scatter heat. Hence, these nylon muzzles should only be utilized for a brief time and never in hot weather. Another thing about soft muzzles, they also prevent your dog from barking, eating, or drinking.


Homemade Dog Muzzle

When there is an emergency and no other options available, you can make your own dog muzzle. You can improvise a homemade muzzle using a pair of pantyhose, a roll of gauze, or even your dog’s leash. However, using materials like these is not great and should only be used for a brief time. A better choice is to keep a proper and comfortable muzzle in your dog’s first aid kit.


When Is it Appropriate to Use a Dog Muzzle?

Here are a few circumstances for the safe and appropriate use of a dog muzzle.


During An Emergency

During an emergency, a terrified or injured dog is much more prone to bite. This kind of aggressiveness is also possible when your pet might get vision problems due to old agePutting a muzzle in their mouth will keep you and other people safe from your dog’s strange but justifiable behavior.


A History of Biting

Suppose your dog is aggressive or bites a person or another dog in the past. Then, in that case, you can use a muzzle for safety. You can also put a muzzle in your dog when you think the risk of a dog bite exists. However, know that the muzzle does not solve this issue. It is simply a temporary instrument to keep everybody safe. So if the risk of biting exists, it would be better to work with a vet, animal behaviorist, or dog trainer.


The Danger of Biting Due To a Threatening Situation

Some circumstances may stress or upset your dog, for example, during an examination at the vet. You may consider the temporary use of a dog muzzle if you are worried your dog might bite. However, that is also another indication of the need for behavior modification for a long-term solution.


During Grooming Sessions

Many dogs enjoy grooming procedures like nail trimming or bathing. Nonetheless, suppose you are still training your pet to get used to grooming. In that case, a dog mouth guard may be helpful, maintaining good oral healthmainly when your puppy is not familiar with the vet.


If Necessary Due to Breed-Specific Legislation

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is a law that restricts or bans ownership of some breeds of dogs. And unfortunately, some areas have BSL, requiring certain so-called dangerous species to use a muzzle when not on private property.


In Conclusion

Dog muzzles are used to prevent dog bites. They are not the best solution for avoiding problem behaviors. Keep in mind not to use a dog muzzle for chewing, barking, or other ongoing behavioral issues. In fact, there are two significant purposes behind this.

  1. A muzzle should only be used for short periods and only when you supervise your pet.
  2. Behavioral issues such as barking and chewing are ongoing problems, so a dog muzzle is an instrument meant for brief-term use and is not a solution.

Furthermore, never muzzle your dog to put him in an unnecessarily stressful circumstance. For instance, your pet cannot handle the dog park, yet your friends are all taking their dogs. A muzzle is not a good approach for your dog to join the group. The same goes for punishment. Never put a muzzle to teach your dog a lesson. If you want to see improvements with these behaviors, you may need consistent training and behavior modification instead.



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