How Important Is It To Maintain A Dental Care For Dogs?

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Generally speaking, teeth hygiene is important. We can do proper oral hygiene to maintain our teeth healthy and strong. But how about our dogs? As an owner, it is our responsibility to keep our dog’s dental health in good condition.


Importance of dental care for dogs

Dogs also need proper dental care. Without a proper dog dental care, its mouth will have an increase risk to develop dog dental diseases. They also call this disease as the periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is the occurrence of inflammation or infection that leads to weakened or loss support structures of the dog’s teeth. This disease often occurs when the food and bacteria build-up along the gums, and plaques form afterwards. These plaques will soon turn into tartars, which will turn into the gingivitis, the early stage of periodontal disease.

By maintaining proper dog dental care, you are helping your dogs gain the following benefits.

  • You manage to prevent tooth loss.
  • You prevent your dog from having bad breath.
  • Your dog will not experience oral pain.
  • The dog will not suffer from any organ damage due to the spread of bacteria.
  • Through dental care, you can prevent severe dental issues in the future.


Home dental care for your dogs

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It is not only in veterinary clinics that we can have the tooth of our dogs cared. We can also do home dental care for them. Continue reading and be guided as follows.

  • You can brush your dog’s teeth on your own. You can use the designated toothpaste for dogs. Asking your veterinarian about this will help.
  • If brushing is not possible to be an option for your dog, you can provide them with dental treats. Dental treats for dogs provide oral health benefits.
  • Additionally, you can provide your dogs with dental toys. Dental toys encourage your dogs to chew to be able to produce additional saliva, which is beneficial for them. It will help rinse food bits and bacteria inside their mouth and in between their teeth. Moreover, it also fights acids caused by plaque.

It would be best to maintain a regular schedule to do the dental care for your dogs. You can do home care at least two to three times per week and then, let your veterinarian do a check even once a year. However, your visit to the veterinarian will depend on the dental condition of your pet.


Tricks to make your dog cooperate with brushing

Do not rush your dog to participate in brushing immediately. You have to take it little by little to gain its trust and let you touch the mouth. When your dog fully showed its agreement to you, that’s the time that you can pull out its toothbrush with toothpaste.

Initially, let your dog smell and lick the toothpaste and brush. Let it explore the brush on its own first, and then you may start brushing on the teeth showing aside. Gradually, you may increase the number of teeth you are brushing as long as your dog stays comfortable about it. Do not forget to brush everything around its mouth.

Make your dog appreciate the brushing process. You can observe giving your dogs some treats. This way, you can increase their interest to go brushing and have it from them voluntarily.

Regularly doing this activity will help your dog maintain an excellent dental health condition.


Showering your dogs with TLC

It is not enough to say that we love our fur babies. It would be best to show our pets how much we care for them. With this intention, one way to show them we care is to maintain their good dental health. This way, our dogs can live healthier as well.

They can enjoy chewing their foods or their treats with no hassle at all. They can also enjoy playing fetch with you without experiencing pain. Moreover, they will have this endless energy bounded to share with you and ready to spend on a long day.

If the dogs are experiencing dental health problems, it will lead to your dog being inactive just like a human would be when suffering from a toothache.


Paw-rever friends, indeed!

such a happy dogLet’s become a dog’s best friend too. Let us reciprocate the love, loyalty and care they give us. They may not be speaking to us thru words, but they entirely show it thru their actions. Their love, excitement, happiness, or sadness, you can always understand them all if you are willing to do so.

A friendship with a pet is priceless. Everyone knows how genuine it could be to have a friendship built with a pet. A friendship that will surely last a lifetime, that even your kids would love to have as well.

Forever is not for humans only, but also dogs as well. Let us become their paw-rever!

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