List Of Dog Teeth Cleaning Products That Every Pet Owners Must Have

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Owning a dog does not end in feeding and bathing them. All responsible pet owners know that you need to invest in your dog’s health as well. This means that you need to make sure that you have an allotment for their vet checkups, professional teeth cleaning, treats, and even dog teeth cleaning products. Some people are not aware but you need a dog toothbrush for their dental care. You will also need to use a scaler to clean the dog’s teeth.


Importance of Dog Dental Care

dog with ownerIf you want your dog to live a life full of joy and happiness, one of the main things that you need to prioritize is dental care. A dog with a healthy mouth is proven to live longer than a dog with tartar build-up due to a lack of teeth cleaning.

Want to know why it’s important to take care of your dog’s dental health? Refer to the reasons below:

Preventing Tooth Loss

Teeth are very important for dogs, especially because they need to satisfy their need to bite and chew. Once they lose a tooth, it will be harder for them to enjoy playing with chew toys.  They also need their teeth so they can bite hard foods and treats. Proper oral care will ensure that your dog will get to enjoy a full set of healthy teeth.

Eliminates Bad Breath

Dogs are very much known for not having fresh breath. This is because of the foods and treats that they eat. However, bad breath could also indicate that underlying gum disease is existing. As you brush your dog’s teeth, the food particles and debris that cause bad breath are getting washed away as well. Dental care eliminates the foul odor and keeps your dog’s breath fresh all the time.

Keep Them Safe Against Periodontal Disease

When tartar build-up starts to spread on your gums and teeth, there is a high chance that it would turn into periodontal disease. Once it does, you will need to bring them to the doctor for proper treatment as home teeth cleaning will not be enough. Save your dog from the ugly experience of having a dental disease by regularly providing dog dental care.

Prevent Toothache

It’s hard to determine if a dog is feeling pain since they can’t express themselves clearly. Poor dental care will definitely result in poor oral health which might cause them pain. Toothache and bleeding gums are some of the basic symptoms of an unhealthy dog. By brushing their teeth every day, you can prevent toothache and other symptoms like:

  • loose teeth
  • broken teeth
  • pain
  • bad breath
  • loss of appetite
  • excessive drooling
Maintaining Overall Health

Your dog’s dental health is the key to maintaining its overall health. If their dental health has deteriorated, there is a chance that their organs will fail as well. Most of the body organs that get affected due to poor oral health are the heart, kidney, and liver. A lot of dogs have suffered from organ failures and their owners are not even aware that it’s because of their poor dental health.

Dogs Can Cover Their Pain

If you love your dog so much, you wouldn’t want them to suffer in silence, wouldn’t you? Dogs are loyal in nature and they do not like being a burden to their humans. That is why even though they feel pain and discomfort, you would not even notice unless you pay attention. Taking them to their doctor as part of their dog dental care will help you understand if they are in pain or not.

Prevents Costly Expenses

Would you rather spend a lot of money on medicines and medical treatments than on dog teeth cleaning products? The doctor’s fee for animals is not cheap. You would need to somehow break the bank especially if your dog needs night and day supervision in the clinic. Dogs with severe cases might need to stay in the vet so that medical practitioners can properly take care of them.


Dog Teeth Cleaning Products

Not all dogs are fans of toothbrushes and dog toothpaste. A lot of pet owners are having a hard time just trying to keep them still during their oral hygiene routine. This is the reason why plenty of dog teeth cleaning products are available nowadays. Depending on your needs, there is a product that will help you clean your dog’s teeth without a hassle.

Here is a list of dog teeth cleaning products for you to use:

Dog toothbrush

Toothbrushes for dogs are specifically designed for them. Their dental structure is different than humans so be sure to use the right toothbrush for them. There are many benefits in brushing your dog’s teeth, it removes tartar, food particles, debris, and washes away bacteria that cause infection.

Dog toothpaste

Your brushing routine will not be complete without dog toothpaste. Using a human toothpaste could potentially cause harm to your dog, it is the most common mistake that humans make. The additives in humans toothpaste contain chemicals that might be toxic for dogs. Choose a dog toothpaste that contains anti-bacterial components and fresh flavor.

Dental wipes

Apparently, dental wipes for dogs are a thing nowadays. If you are having a hard time brushing your dog’s teeth, a dental wipe might help you. This disposable dog teeth cleaning product is easy and convenient to use. Just wipe your dog’s teeth to remove the tartar and you are good to go. However, this does not mean that they no longer need to brush their teeth. Wipes are just alternatives if tooth brushing is not available.

Chew sticks

Did you know that chew sticks are not just made as treats? Chew sticks are actually very helpful in your dog’s dental health. This product can be considered a natural toothbrush as it brushes the teeth while your dog chews and plays with it. Chew sticks come in different flavors and sizes making them an enjoyable treat for your dog. But beware as chew sticks are not advisable for puppies below 4 months.

Oral care food additive

Some dogs are just hard to handle. To make sure that their dental health is at an optimum state, you may opt to try food additives. This is a safe and non-toxic product that you can add to their foods. Food additives help in eliminating bad breath as well as cleaning tartar and plaque. Most additives are made of seaweed and can also be used for cat oral care routine.

Chew toys

playing with chew toyDogs need to chew toys not only for fun but to stimulate their biting and chewing skills. By giving them at least one chew toy, they will be able to strengthen their teeth while playing. The toy will also serve as a scrub as your dog will keep on rubbing its teeth to the toy.

Dental spray

To top off your dog’s oral care routine, you may also use a dental spray to freshen their breath. Products like dental spray will fight off the bacteria in their teeth and freshen their breath as well. Just spray it on either side of their mouth for a set of teeth that’s free from bacteria.

If your dog is quite uncooperative when it’s time to brush its teeth, they probably do not like the taste of the toothpaste or the smell of the dental spray. In cases like this, switch to a different brand or flavor and see if there are changes in their behavior.


Caring for your pet’s teeth is crucial. You should not neglect your oral health; doesn’t your lovely pet deserve the same standards for their health?

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