Where Can You Exactly Find A Low Cost Emergency Vet?

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Many of us have pets at home, from domestic up to the most exotic pet you can imagine. Different approaches and care apply to each animal we have. In this case, how can we find a low cost emergency vet for conditions that could be life-threatening for our pets? As for the veterinary clinics, they have to boost the presence of their clinic online to gather more customers. It is essential nowadays for a veterinary clinic to be active online.


Emergency veterinary care

There are sudden situations that we cannot control. There are situations when our pets suddenly act strangely, lose their appetite or energy that we don’t even know why. Only the veterinarians can help us determine the exact condition of our pets.

Aside from that, these emergency conditions could be life-threatening for our pets. In cases like these, we need to contact the veterinarian or proceed to an emergency vet clinic immediately. We will enumerate the types of emergency cases in the latter part of the article to keep you guided.


Signs that our pets need emergency care

snake having its visit at the vetThere are pet conditions that need to seek medical attention from our veterinarians. In these cases, either life-threatening or not, we have to bring our pets to the veterinary clinic immediately. We listed down below the situations that you have to pay attention and requires you to bring your pets to their vets.

  • You started to notice wounds in your pets that are bleeding, discharging or quite deeper compared to a normal wound. If the bleeding does not stop within 5 minutes, you have to bring your pet to the vet. Moreover, if the blood is coming out from their mouth, nose, or rectum, they need immediate medical attention.
  • If your pet has been hit by cars or been attacked by another animal, this might cause trauma. Even if there are no visible injuries, it would be best to bring them to the vet to be sure. You might not know if internal injuries or bleeding exist.
  • Just like when there is a dental emergency for you, your pet might need urgent oral care for their teeth and mouth.
  • Seeing your pet struggle in breathing, coughing or choking uncontrollably is a cue that it is an emergency case.
  • Even a minimal eye injury has to be taken seriously, especially if you can see blood, discharge or a presence of swelling around the eyes.
  • Pets experience difficulty or pain in urinating or defecating, or not doing it at all for more than 12 hours.
  • Your pets are obviously in great pain and anxiety.
  • It is also an emergency case if your pets are vomiting or experiencing severe diarrhea.
  • Your pets lose their appetite and continuously refuse it for more than 24 hours already.
  • The temperature of your pets is greater than 103°F.
  • Your pet is encountering labor difficulties for several hours already.

If you noticed any of the above-mentioned or other than those, you have to go to the vet immediately.


Financial assistance

Just as how much we value our loved ones, we feel the same for our pets. They are also our family, so we wanted to do our best in keeping them safe. But the question is, how will you be able to find a low cost emergency vet, especially if you know you have a tight budget?

No need to worry. We have information to share with you about ways on how you can find a low cost emergency vet. Some organizations can provide support to qualified families or pet owners who are facing challenges to keep their pets loved and cared. Financial assistance can be in different ways. Below are some of the type of assistance that these non-profit organizations provide.

  • pet horse visited by the vetThey have programs to provide qualified pet owners with basic financial assistance.
  • Some organizations offer veterinary treatment covering injuries or illness.
  • Other organizations provide pet food and supplies.
  • A few organization also offers low-cost spay or neuter procedure.

It is indeed a blessing to the families or pet owners for these non-profit organizations to exist. They are surely our pet-saviors.  The families or pet owners will no longer have to endure the pain of seeing their pets suffer or being euthanized. Not to mention their grieve from loss or guilt. Additionally, the veterinarians will no longer ache for the fact that they could do something about the situation, but could not.

A great thanks to these non-profit organizations who help families, pet owners and veterinary clinics wholeheartedly. No more pet will suffer. No more pet will be euthanized. Let us keep supporting these non-profit organizations in their advocacies. You can find these organizations inside a financial aid directory.


A simple reminder to the pet lovers

Our pets should be considered part of our families. Before we take one, we should know our responsibilities on how to take care of them.

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