Miniature Border Collie

Often referred to as the world’s greatest herding dog, the border collie has certainly made a name for itself. These highly intelligent, energetic, agile and hardworking dogs have been around for a long time helping their owners herd livestock. Border collies weigh up to 55 lbs and have a solid muscular build to help them with their daily tasks but did you know that they come in miniature size?

Mini border collie, like many other dog breeds, are being bred in a miniature size. Breeding mini dogs have been extremely popular as of late due to people liking the qualities and characteristics of larger dogs but don’t want the size. The traditional border collie is a recognized breed with all breed organizations however, the mini version is not, as of yet.

The temperament, work ethic, and intelligence of mini border collies are the exact same as the larger types just basically a smaller version. They are still a high energy breed that will need a lot of exercise even though they are smaller but since most people aren’t herding sheep, the need for a larger border collie isn’t always necessary.

Other reasons people may want the smaller version are…

– Mini’s are more manageable
– Eat less dog food
– Take up less space
– Less destructive

And to add, pretty much anything that is small is cute right? On a serious note, always make sure to do research on any dog breed and their breeders to ensure a happy healthy dog that is right for you and your family. People that breed dogs to a miniature size must know what they are doing, being there can be defects if not done properly and can cause major health problems in your pet.

Overall, miniaturizing dog breeds are on the rise and can be a great addition to your family. Mini border collies are small dogs with huge personalities that will bring anyone a lot of joy.

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