Ways for self defense from a dog attack

self defense from dog attack

While dogs are globally loved as an animal and pets, they can pose a serious threat when found aggressively approaching for an attack. Stray dogs are mostly wild and do attack people crossing the streets. Fortunately, there are some measures that can be taken to save yourself from lethal harm when you face such a situation. To know other tips, you can visit and read at homedoctorsperth.com.au/house-call-doctor if you should call a doctor after a dog attack happens.

1. Avert an attack. 

As dogs can sense fear, your screams or movements can make the dog more confident to attack you. So it’s best to avoid any sharp movements and stay completely still and quiet. This will confuse the dog to think that you’re more of an object than something to attack. Running is also a bad idea as it makes the dog characterize you as a prey to catch and would chase you down and while most dogs are faster than you on your feet so it is advisable to stay at your spot. Secondly, don’t make eye contact and stay to the sideways of the dog with your hands to your side so that you don’t seem a threat to it. You should also lock your hands into fists so that your fingers are not bitten in case aggression takes place.    

2. Protecting yourself 

dog attack

One tip you should know in self defense from a dog attack is you should consider distracting the dog by throwing an object at it like your bag pack so the dog goes for it instead of you. If the dog still comes at you, you might consider facing the dog and strongly commanding it to move away while avoiding eye contact. This will discourage the dog which might leave. Now if all that effort fails, you have to fight back for which you should yell for help so others can assist you, while not screaming which makes the dog think it’s on its track. You can hit it with a stick or anything you have while making sure you do not lethally harm it if possible. Using your weight to straddle the back of the dog and while your fists are clenched, push down with your elbows and knees. As dogs are good biters, they are not good at wrestling. Avoid getting your throat, face or chest to be bitten as that could cause serious damage. Just push down on the back of its neck to immobilize it till help comes.    

3. After-the-attack measures   

Call the authorities to remove such dogs from your area as they are dangerous to others as well if they attacked you. Moreover, if you got wounded, apply disinfectants as dog bites may cause infections or visit a doctor if the wounds are serious.     

These tips might hopefully save your day someday. Selfdefense should be taught to everyone for making sure no life is lost and matters can be handled by people themselves in worst cases.

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