a happy dog playing outdoors

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need To Stay Fit And Healthy?

“How much exercise does my dog need?” Is this the question that has been bothering you as a pet owner? Exercising is an essential activity for humans to keep their body healthy. It applies to our pet dogs as well. They need to exercise every day to stay fit and healthy.

man running with his dog in forest

How Often Should I Walk My Dog? Understanding Your Dog’s Health

Dogs need physical activities as much as humans. Regular exercise keeps them fit and healthy like us. However, there are different factors to keep in mind when it comes to your pet’s well-being. Breed, size, eating habits, activity level, and age all play a significant factor. So, before you run with your dog or take them in short walks, please take time to do a little research about the recommended regular exercise methods for your canine buddies.