Does The Tartar On Dogs Teeth Indicate Periodontal Disease?

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Your dog’s oral health should also be one of your top priorities. Just like humans, they also need to be examined by their doctors regularly. You’ll never know what underlying condition might be hiding behind their playful personality. For example, tartar on dogs’ teeth could indicate that they are at risk of tooth decay, gum problems, or worse, periodontal disease. Go to this link: to know more about plaque and bacteria build-up in the teeth.


How Tartar On Dogs Teeth Start

happy dog huskyA huge percentage of dogs have believed to be suffering from gum disease starting at age 3. If this condition is left untreated, your dog might suffer other health conditions.

Tartar on dogs teeth begins when plaque, saliva, and bacteria all come together. These three components are the contributors to hardened plaque which will eventually cause tartar. Over time, tartar will start infecting other areas in the mouth and begin the process of damaging teeth that leads to decay, periodontal disease, and health problems.

Doctors suggest removing plaque immediately to prevent the disease from growing and causing more health trouble. Unfortunately, you cannot do this on your own since the tartar on your dog’s teeth has already become too hard to be brushed off. A professional cleaning will be needed to be performed by the veterinarian.

Additionally, the best way to prevent this from happening is by maintaining your dogs the oral health. Always remember the saying, prevention is better than cure. Giving your dog proper oral care and spending time to visit their doctor regularly plays a vital role in their overall health.


Oral Care For Dogs Teeth

You can prevent hard tartar build-up from emerging by following these easy ways in maintaining your dog’s oral health.

  • Brush your dog’s teeth daily. They are eating different kinds of foods every day just like you leaving their mouth with debris and food particles. Brushing the teeth is one of the fundamentals of maintaining good health. There are brushes that are specifically designed for dogs as well as toothpaste. Do not use toothpaste for humans as it contains ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. This is the best way to remove plaque and prevent tartar from forming.
  • Give them dog dental chews. Dog chews are made to help clean your dog’s teeth and to revitalize their cravings for treats. Choose dental chews without artificial ingredients, flavors, or additives to ensure that your dog won’t have any allergic reaction. Keep an eye on them while they are chewing as they might choke.
  • Use dental sprays. Dogs, especially those who are blessed with a huge backyard and space to run to, often try eating anything that seems appetizing to them. This usually causes bad breath and foul odor. You can eliminate the bad smell by giving them a dental spray that will surely freshen up their breath for cuddles and kisses.
  • Provide chew toys. Almost all dogs enjoy playing with chew toys. If your dog is a bubbly and playful pet, he or she will definitely be grateful for a chew toy. This type of toy is made to keep them entertained, but it also encourages them to chew and bite which helps their oral health. Chewing on toys can also remove plaque and prevent tartar on teeth.
  • Visit the vet regularly. Regular check-up is important to guarantee that your dog is safe from any kind of disease. During this procedure, the vet will thoroughly examine their mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and entire body. Doing so will lessen your worries and will keep them safe from harm.


How To Remove Tartar On Dogs Teeth

In most cases, when the dog has reached the age of 3, removing tartar at home may no longer be helpful. Once the tartar became hard and has already established itself in certain areas, professional cleaning is the only solution.

Veterinarians are trained to perform different methods and procedures in ensuring the safety of your dog, and that includes dental care. They highly suggest professional cleaning every once in a while to prevent periodontal disease and tartar build-up.

The procedure will start with a mouth examination, followed by tests and X-rays. This will give them more knowledge as to how severe the condition is. X-rays will allow them to completely analyze and determine the damages caused by tartar. The only downside about professional cleanings for dogs is that it’s quite expensive. However, doctors guarantee that this procedure will give out optimal results and will surely guard your dog against health problems.


Tartar Symptoms

human checking dog mouthPet owners do not usually take the time to check their dog’s teeth. This is the reason why dental problems emerge and periodontal disease advances. Despite your busy schedule, you must see to it that your dog’s teeth are always clean and free of plaque. Unfortunately, if the condition gets severe, your dog will start to show signs and symptoms of tartar which include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Some teeth are getting loose
  • No appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Sudden loss of tooth
  • Swelling
  • Losing weight
  • Feeling pain


Additional Tips and Advice From Veterinarians

  1. Once their teeth are professionally cleaned, make sure to maintain their cleanliness to prevent tartar from coming back.
  2. Do not wait for it to get worse. If you notice something strange in their oral health, go to the vet immediately.
  3. Neglected oral health may cause damage to the heart, kidneys, lungs, and liver.
  4. Poor dental hygiene is the root cause of bacterial infection, tartar, plaque, and gum diseases.

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