Should I Be Worried: Why Does My Dog Snore So Loud?

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Why does my dog snore so loud? It may look cute, and you’re probably even taking pictures and videos of your snoring dog. But beware because frequent dog snoring could mean that your furry baby has a health condition that needs to be checked. Are you always disturbed by snoring? Maybe it’s time to take them to their doctor.



Reasons Why Your Dog Snore So Loud

But before you take your dog to the vet, it’s essential to have a quick glimpse of the loud snoring cause. Who knows, your dog is just snoring because of its sleeping position, and you just have to make minimal adjustments.

However, there are dangerous reasons that you need to be aware of, such as:

Dog Breed

flat faced dogYour dogs’ breed could be the culprit to its frequent snoring. You see, dogs with flat faces are more likely prone to snoring due to their anatomy. Their airways are shorts compared to other dogs, and this causes them to have difficulty breathing air.

Dogs with flat faces are pugs, bulldogs, and Brussels. In cases like this, it is normal for them to snore once in a while. But if the loud snore of your dog is bothering you too much, you can always have them checked by their vet.

Dog Allergies

Just like humans, dogs are allergic to specific triggers too. For example, they could be allergic to pollens, dust, and dander. Moreover, some dogs are also allergic to perfume. To ensure that they snore too much due to allergies, wash them with hypoallergenic dog shampoo and keep them clean.


Unfortunately, some dogs are overweight because of improper feeding. The fatter they get, the more chances there are for their throat to be covered by tissues. This is a serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately as it could be life-threatening at some point. Moreover, obesity could also put them at risk of other diseases. That is why they need to be placed on a healthy diet and if possible daily exercise to lose a few pounds.

Dental Problems

A dog’s oral health should also be cared for. For example, one of the common reasons why a dog might snore too loud is because it has a dental abscess or other growth in the mouth. This growth could potentially block the nasal airways and cause snoring. Dental problems must be checked immediately as they could become infected and cause more complications. Infections can quickly spread through the body and result in health risks that might put your dog’s life in danger.

Besides, tooth abscess is very painful and might cause them total discomfort. So perhaps if you notice that there are significant changes in your dog’s behavior, take him to the doctor right away.

Aspergillosis or Fungal Disease

Fungal disease in a dog could develop due to hay, straw, dusty material, and grass clippings. The dog could inhale the mold and fungus from these resources. Eventually, the fungus will irritate the nasal lining and cause them to sneeze and snore. This usually happens to dogs who spend most of their time outdoors and live on a farm.

Common Cold

It is also not uncommon for dogs to experience sneezing and irritation due to the common cold. When there is a sudden climate change, you might notice that your dog will start showing symptoms of rhinitis, such as labored breathing and out-of-the-ordinary snoring. A dog with common cold must take an antibiotic to alleviate symptoms. Furthermore, pet owners may also opt to use a humidifier to moisturize dry air.

Sleep Apnoea

Dog snoring due to sleep apnoea is very rare. But it is still a condition that needs to be highly considered. A dog with this condition has a shallow breathing pattern. The situation even causes them to stop breathing for a short period while they are asleep. When they finally started breathing again, they usually let out a long and sharp inhale (sounding like a snore). Sleep apnoea can also be life-threatening. Be sure to take your dog to the vet if you suspect that it has breathing problems.

Second-hand Smoking

As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to provide a safe and non-toxic environment for your furry companion. This does not mean that they have to live like kings and queens of the palace. But instead a home that is free from smoke and harmful chemical exposure. Because to say the least, humans should know better. Second-hand smoke affects a dog’s overall health, just like how it affects humans as well.

Foreign Objects

sleeping dogDogs are naturally curious about so many things, especially if the object is new to their eyes. One reason they snore is that a foreign object is probably obstructing their throat or nasal passages. On the other hand, it could be a tiny object that they swallowed while playing. Check to see if the things that they played with have missing fragments. If this is the case, the material should be removed immediately, so visit the vet at once.

In most cases, dog snoring is normal. Sometimes, it could only be due to their sleeping position. For instance, they could snore loudly if they are lying on their back instead of sleeping on one side. A loud snore could also be due to a medication. Some dogs develop snoring after they take medicines. It’s usually not an alarming side effect, but you can ask your doctor for alternatives if you are concerned.







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