Dog tooth extraction cost: The pain of it all

dog tooth extraction cost

We know dogs are proud of their growl when they want to protect their humans from strangers. They also do that low rumbling sound with teeth showing off when they feel you are evading their personal space or may take away a favorite toy or food. That sound and the set of dog teeth that you see give a sense of dignity and might to the dog, so what if it got its tooth extracted? Will it affect their predisposition as humans would? Let us also touch on dog tooth extraction cost and find ways on how to prepare your dog for the vet dentist.

Tooth extraction for dogs

We see dogs and think that their teeth need not be extracted since it can never be damaged. But we’re wrong! They also chip, break, and develop cavities and tooth decay, so tooth extraction is also inevitable. In fact, it is more common than we think of. Vets have seen broken teeth every time a dog comes in during a grooming session. It is because dogs don’t usually show signs that they have problems with their pearly whites, and it is only when your vet checks up on them that tooth decay is visualized.

The cost of tooth extraction for dogs

dog tooth extraction cost

Our tooth extraction cost ranges from $150 to $200 per tooth, and that is not cheap. The same way goes for dogs. You would need to pay the tooth extraction cost depending on the size of the tooth to be extracted. If it is a small one, you can expect to shell out $10 to $35. If it is a molar with multiple roots then expect that the vet would use different tools to help him remove it, oftentimes a drill to split it up. This extensive dental treatment can cost you $100. But of course, vets don’t extract teeth without cleaning the whole set first and expect a setback of around $500 to $1000 for that.

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