Is It Normal To Get Fever After Surgery From A Dog Attack?

Is It Normal To Get Fever After Surgery From A Dog Attack

Generally, domesticated dogs are friendly and may even request for a belly rub. Of course, not every dog has the same trait that your pet has. It would help if you were very careful when you walk past a stray dog. A dog bite is very harmful, and especially bacteria can transfer from their saliva into your wound. You may be getting a surgery after the dog attack if your doctor sees severe cuts on your face or body parts. Later on, you may experience a slight fever after surgery, which can be normal or not. How can you tell if you need to go to a doctor right away? Take a look at some information about dog attacks and when to go to an emergency room. 

Why Are Dogs Aggressive?

Most pet owners will know how warm it is to feel that a dog is waiting for you at home after your long day’s work. Dogs that are familiar with humans can show no signs of being aggressive. However, a dog may show signs of being territorial against other humans or dogs. The reason being, these dogs are unfamiliar with the scent and may feel that the other side (humans or dogs) will attack them instead. The aggressive trait of a dog also comes from the feeling of being protective after being abused. Abusive pet owners or even devastating environments such as dog pits or breeding factories can also be a factor. A dog can bite you 

Reasons Of Having Fever After Surgery

If you are fearing of getting a fever after surgery, you should know that it can be a mild symptom that your body is healing. However, if your illness doesn’t go away after 48 hours or a few days, you must go back to a doctor. As our body fights the bacteria from the saliva, our body will show reactions such as swelling and fever. Post-operative fever can also happen when a person doesn’t get enough rest. Recovery after surgery is always a determining factor if the operation is successful. If you had recent surgery, limit your excessive movements and follow your doctor’s advice for a full recovery. 

Risks in Dog Bites

Severe consequences in dog bites can happen. If you weren’t able to address the wound with treatment right away, you might experience health complications. Some can be fatal for both you and your dog. Are you familiar with the term rabies? How about septic shock? If you want to avoid these health concerns, check what you need to know below:


Fever After Surgery Dog Check UpHaving a fever can be a symptom of many things, but when it becomes a continuous sign, you may have to get treatment right away. Rabies is an infectious disease from an animal whose saliva contains the zoonotic rabies virus. With that in mind, not only can dogs have rabies, cats, raccoons, or other pets can have them too. Some types of diseases can make the dog aggressive and have a change in the dog’s temperature as well. If a dog attacked you and you were bitten, it’s best if you had a vet clinic to go to right after.

Septic Shock

Septic shock may be an uncommon term for many pet owners, but it is a possibility. What does this disease do to you or your pets? Inflammation can happen if the infection spreads in the dog’s kidney, joint, or even blood. This disease is also a multi-organ failure issue as well. You can find a dog having sepsis after another dog attacks them. Preventing your dog’s organs failure should be the first thing that comes into mind right after the unfortunate event. 

When To Know If The Symptom Is A Medical Emergency

Since we’ve established the idea that a fever after surgery from a dog attack can happen, it is best to get your doctor’s analysis right away. A serious fever after surgery has a temperature above 101°F (38.3°C). Moreover, you may also feel nausea or dizziness after the bite. A dog’s bite can be very dangerous if not given first-aid treatment as well. Wash your wound and add an antiseptic treatment and go to a vet’s clinic or animal bite center for the complete medication. 

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