Which Dog Has The Best Sense Of Smell?

which dog has the best sense of smell?

A dog can shower you with much love and (slobbery) kisses as long as it can feel that you are happy to take care of them. In fact, some dogs have been proven to help people from sudden danger and even suspicious odors. Even puppies, at a very young age, can detect a strange smell coming from your home or outside. After a while, some dogs may experience a loss of sense of smell due to old age or injuries. Before adopting a dog, you might have your own preference for choosing one such as which dog has the best sense of smell. Among all the responsibilities in owning one, the best reminder for a pet lover is maintaining their companion’s happiness and health.

The Different Dog Breeds

Adopting a dog can be the happiest moment in your life. Actually, the best choice is still up to you. There is no hindrance in owning a pet as long as you are able to let these dogs know that you care for them and allow them to love you in return. Some dogs can even save your life by knowing if you are in danger of a health emergency. To know which dog has the best sense of smell, check out this compiled list for some dog breeds in no order:


This breed may surprise a lot of people due to its physical appearance and shortness. Dachshunds are commonly seen in American households; tracking rabbits, badgers and even wild boars as it can quickly trace smell from the ground and dirt. These happy breed of dogs are a perfect-sized bunch that suits families.

Labrador Retriever

which dog has the best sense of smell?

Puppies of this dog breed are really active and vocal, sending cuteness overload to its loving owners. Labrador Retrievers even have their puppies that can detect smells quickly. Puppies are known to be blind at birth so their sense of smell is their only tool in detecting its environment. Labrador Retrievers are also a great companion for elderly people, therapy dogs, guide dogs for the blind, as well as search and rescue dogs. Trained Labrador Retrievers are also known to detect foods with allergens, even with the smallest trace of food from the plate.

German Shepherd

A huge amount of popularity among aspiring dog owners emerged when German Shepherds were introduced by the police and the military in their units. This breed specifically uses air-scents for tracking and is usually used during airport checks, suspicious packages, and rescue operations.


Another breed of dog that is short in appearance, Beagles have excellent tracking skills using their great condition in the sense of smell. This type of breed is also popular in most dog owners due to its odor free coat and outgoing personality. Despite common belief, beagles are not lazy dogs but in fact, active and vocal with its owners.


Regarded as the best breed for smelling, bloodhounds are large-sized dogs that are known to have 300 million scent receptors. Bloodhounds takes the top spot for most people’s votes in choosing which dog has the best sense of smell. Bloodhounds are authoritative in nature so training them is highly encouraged.

Your Best Friend Needs You

In spite of any challenge or circumstance, owning a dog is the best decision that you will take. Dogs are receptive in love and is a great support in times of emotional or physical companionship needs. It is not an easy task to do but one shouldn’t adopt if they are unsure of their commitment with the pet. A dog’s personality and behavior reflects how their owner treat them accordingly.  

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